Cocoa butter is the result of pressing Cocoa liquor (or mass)  under very high pressure. After the Cocoa butter is collected in a liquid state it is packed in 25kg carton boxes and cooled down to be transported to our clients. Cocoa butter remains solid under a temperature of 270C but starts to melt at 27.70C and completely melts at 350C.

When Cocoa liquor is pressed, the cocoa butter comes our first in the Natural state keeping the full flavor of Cocoa. Further process is carried out to obtain deodorized Cocoa butter so that it can be used in chocolate manufacture without affecting the smell and flavor of the chocolate.

Cocoa butter is used to make chocolate either on its own or mixed with cocoa liquor. In addition to food use, Cocoa butter is used in pharmaceutical and cosmetics products due to its antioxidant properties and lubricating nature.