Who we are

Konsonet, incorporated in the Republic of Lithuania as MB Konsonetas, is a Lithuanian company with a strong international profile with board members from Mauritius, France and Lithuania.

We focus mainly on Import, Export, Packing and Distribution of unrefined sugar from Mauritius and cocoa products.

The same way as all our food products are quality orientated, in order to guarantee to our partners and every single end consumer the best possible experience, another department of Konsonet aims at developing the supply of environment-friendly heating products and solutions as part of our little commitment for the earth.

What we do

Konsonet specializes in import of Natural unrefined sugar, from Mauritius, which is one of our main products. Out of the whole range of sugar from Mauritius we propose the types Demerara, Dark muscovado, Golden granulated, Coffee crystals. Our sugars are available in big bags, 25 kg and 50 kg bags for wholesale.

Our sugars are suitable for vegans and vegetarians and also certified by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), Kosher, Halal.

Whereas the retail and Horeca market is supplied with 300g boxes under our trade mark, “Dodo Cukrus” for the Lithuanian market.

Cocoa is the other range of product which has been added to our product portfolio. With the aim of becoming a strong player in this field, we are now distributing cocoa powder in Lithuania under our trade name Konsonet.

Our range of cocoa products include Natural and Alkalized cocoa powder, Natural and Deodorized cocoa butter, Cocoa liquor, Cocoa cake, Cocoa shell powder.

We distribute our products through wholesalers and packers. We supply the retail market through supermarkets, specialty shops, coffee shops and Horeca.

On the other hand, we run a non-food department which supplies heating products such as wood briquettes and wood pellets also called biofuels. We also supply horse bedding and poultry litters on request.

You are welcome to visit our products page to know more.


In 2009, Clarel Martingale arrived in Lithuania with his wife, Vigalija, to settle in her home country. Due to its entrepreneurial character and the desire to maintain a link with his homeland Mauritius, Clarel began to work on the idea of starting his own trading company in Lithuania. Konsonet was born in 2011. It was not without difficulty and hard work, and above all by the grace of God that in 2013, a door was opened for the first import of non-refined Mauritian sugar.

From its humble start in 2011, the small family business was incorporated in 2013 into a company in the Republic of Lithuania with the collaboration of Cédric Henriot and his wife.

With Cédric joining the company in 2013, this was the start of a fruitful collaboration between two men from two different origins, Clarel from Mauritius and Cédric from France.

During 2013 / 2014 Konsonet has proved to become a leader in Lithuania for import, distribution and packing of natural unrefined sugars from Mauritius.

2014 has also been the year when Konsonet started import of cocoa products. It has also been the year in which the idea was initiated to create our own sugar brand “Dodo Cukrus”, for the Lithuanian market. The credit goes to Vigalija who had an important participation for the packaging design of “Dodo Cukrus”.

2015 started with the second import of cocoa powder produced under our own brand “Konsonet”. The same year saw the launching of “Dodo Cukrus” in Lithuania where the distribution is done through specialty stores and Horeca.