Wood briquettes


The use of Briquettes as fuel is an ideal alternative to natural wood for the following non-exhaustive reasons:
It is 100% natural. Briquettes are produced by compression under very high pressure of sawdust thus doesn’t require any additives.
It is environmentally friendly. Burning of wood briquettes emit 12 times less CO2 than fuel oil, 6 times less than natural gas, and it is completely CO2 neutral.
It is economical. It is versatile. It can be used in many types of homes heating systems, such as stoves, inserts and boilers:

  • Heating costs using briquettes as fuel are lower than other solid fuels like coal and wood.
  • Ash residue after buring is only 1% of the total volume, which helps to reduce the time and frequency of your equipment cleaning.
  • The easy packaging in bags makes it simple and clean to carry and store, which saves time and storage.
  • It has a higher calorific value of around +4000 k cal/kg which is 3 to 4 times more than normal wood.
It is easy to ignite. The water content of the wood briquettes is extremely low (less than 8%), making it a very easy to ignite product. Stored in a dry and ventilated space it can be kept for several years without losing its quality.

“DAY” Briquettes made of wood sawdust

The type “Day” with a burning time of approximately 2-4 hours. After burning, “Day” briquettes continue to generate heat for a significant time. We have 2 options for the “Day” briquettes:

  • 100% Leaf sawdust (mainly oak, birch)
  • Mix of Leaf and Resinous sawdust
Pallets per truckBags per palletBriquettes per bagWeight per bagWeight on pallet
24 pallets96 bags12 briquettes10 kg960 kg

Bark Briquettes

What are Bark Briquettes made of?

Bark Briquettes are made from spruce or pine tree bark. The tree barks are shredded and dried at a high temperature of above 700 deg. C. Rectangular shaped briquettes are formed under high pressure of more than 250 Bar.

As no biding agents, additives or glue are used during that process, Bark briquettes are natural and renewable bio fuel with unique properties of up to 8 hours burn time and keeping heat up to 14hours.


Pallets per truckBags per palletBriquettes per bagWeight per bagWeight on pallet
24 pallets84 bags12 briquettes12 kg1008 kg


Pallets per truckBags per palletBriquettes per bagWeight per bagWeight on pallet
24 pallets96 bags6 briquettes10 kg960 kg

PINI KAY wood briquettes

PINY KAY briquettes are rectangular form agglomerations which are easy stack. Due to the hole in these briquettes, the emission of smoke is reduced considerably. These briquettes are produced by pressing dry chipped wood under high pressures and at high temperatures. They have the maximum burning time and produce the maximum useful heat. PINI KAY fuel briquettes are remarkably resistant to handling, moisture and climatic changes.

PINI KAY Fireplace Briquette is an economic heating alternative as it  burns slowly thus producing more heat for an extended time. The unique technology of producing this briquette enables aesthetic combustion, without absorbing moisture from the air, and prevents contamination of heating devices.