Wood pellets


The use of wood pellets as fuel is an ideal alternative to natural wood for the following non-exhaustive reasons:
It is 100% natural. Our premium quality wood pellets are produced using softwood sawdust pressed under very high pressure without the use of glue or other additives.
It is environmentally friendly. Burning of wood briquettes emit 12 times less CO2 than fuel oil, 6 times less than natural gas, and it is completely CO2 neutral.
It is economical. It is versatile. It can be used in many types of homes heating systems, such as stoves, inserts and boilers:

Premium quality

  • 100% softwood sawdust
Pallets per truckBags per palletWeight per bag Weight on pallet 
24 pallets70 bags 15 kg1050 kg 

Diameter: 6 mm

Energy value: >5.0 kWh/kg

Ash content: <0.5%

Humidity: <7%